Warning: August is quickly approaching!

So begins (again) my journey of blogging. I gave myself a good month off from all things that would take a great deal of mental energy. Perhaps blogging doesn’t require mental energy for most, but it does for me!

I can’t believe we are already one week into July. Time is a funny thing. Passing slowly when you want it to go fast (i.e.: deployment!), and of course, passing quickly when you want it to slow down (i.e.: summer!).  A constant battle. If only it was natural to just “enjoy the moment.”

Definitely working on my moments being enjoyed, while trying to search for a new path for my journey towards fitness and health. I am starting with a path in personal training certification and looking for a health/nutrition coach certification program.

Meanwhile, Nick and I are travelling as much as we can! Stay tuned for pictures!

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