Body Pump Obsessed

Ok- so it doesn’t take much for me to get obsessed about things. I love Nantucket. I love breakfast. I love body pump. The list will go on and on…

Have you ever taken a body pump class? You need to. Go…like…right now. 🙂

Concentrating on one-two muscle groups for an entire song doesn’t sound too hard. Until you do it.

Body pump rocks my world. It hurts so good! I feel as if it has really changed my muscle tone and helped it shine. I’m sort of obsessed with arm definition. I’ve learned that when you throw your hand on your hip in pictures really helps your arms look a lot better than they really are 🙂 The hubby does a great mockery of this pose and it never fails to make me laugh (so hard)!  Yes, this is a weird pic to choose. But I like my arm definition- the shadows were just right. 🙂
And yes, I am wearing a very large leaf.


If you haven’t tried it yet, see if there is a local gym that has a class!

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