Refreshing (Water) Mojito

The mint I picked from my friend’s garden yesterday was screaming at me to make a mojito.

Unless I’m out to eat, I don’t drink mixed drinks with dinner. My 99.9% drink of choice at home is ice water (with an occasional side of red wine or beer).

The two ideas soon converged into a beautiful love child.

A water mojito.

“Recipe” for Water Mojito

1. As much sugar as you would like (I used about 1 tbsp of raw sugar for a pitcher sized container) mixed into 1 cup of water (easier to keep it shallow at first, to crush mint). You don’t even have to use any sugar, it would be just as delicious and refreshing, without!

2. Add mint and try to get the flavors out by “denting” or crushing the leaves.

3. Squeeze in as much lime as you would like (I used 3 wedges).

4. Add water and ice to fill the container.

5. Enjoy 🙂

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