Everything but the kitchen sink…salad.

A long day today meant a “throw together leftovers” dinner. Sometimes these meals turn out to be better than any recipe! Luckily, today was a winner.

Last night I made a fabulous chicken recipe, which I will post later. We had a chicken breast left over, so I heated that up, threw some butternut squash in the convection oven, then threw the rest of the salad together!

Consists of two eggs, scrambled in the pan, red onion, cilantro, peanuts (sounds weird, but the perfect added crunch), and a drizzle of salt, lime juice,  and olive oil.

Once the chicken and butternut squash were done being re-heated, I chopped them up and threw them on top! A perfect ending to my day.

Hope you had a perfect ending to your day, as well!

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