Local Veggie Co-Op

As I have transitioned to a whole food, clean diet…I have been making it a point to eat a vegetable with every meal (including breakfast!). I have read (a future blog post will further discuss this) that supplements are unnecessary if you are eating a complete diet. Makes complete sense.

So, to help with my vegetable endeavors, my husband and I signed up for a weekly fruit and vegetable delivery from a local farm.

Every Thursday, for $15 a week, we get a fresh box of  veggies- directly from a local farm!

It has, by far, been the best decision ever. I 110% recommend it. Why? See below!

the boxes are left by our front door. a watermelon! yay!!

This is box is not as full as veggies as the others have been- but still wonderful!

Reasons to be part of a co-op:

1. You know the source- you can call the farm directly (or even stop by!)  to ask about any sort of pesticides, growing methods, or seed questions. The best word of advice is to ask 2 big questions: 1. If they use pesticides (and what type) 2. What type of seeds they grow. You can look up the seed brand to determine if they are GMO or not. If they are a brand that uses GMO seeds- look for other farms around that do co-ops (preferably organic) or suggest the reasons why you would prefer another seed type. Disclaimer: if they are GMO seeds or if you are unsure, the benefits of fruits and veggies straight from a local farm is still a better option than buying them in store where they are from an unknown source and location.

2. A huge money saver!  I used to go to the grocery store multiple times a week to pick up different fruits or veggies. I know I could’ve cut my trips down if I was a better planner, but with both of us working full time, I didn’t have time to plan specific meals and get all the necessary ingredients…or perhaps I am just a bad planner…. Regardless, when the box of fruits and veggies is delivered every Thursday, it provides us with MORE than enough food for two people. This has cut down on our food bills as I don’t go to the grocery store for “a veggie for dinner” and end up coming home with a $50 receipt. You know that has happened to you, too! I always “don’t need a basket” and then end up packing my hands so full people are staring at me or telling me “you know they have baskets here?”

3. Try something new for dinner (or lunch or breakfast). It forces us to cook things we wouldn’t normally try…For example…I am ashamed to say that I have never purchased an eggplant from the grocery store. I am afraid of them. They taste delicious and I will order an eggplant parm. at a restaurant any day of the week. But making a dinner with eggplant? Sounds scary! Well, one turned up in our box the other week…and as it turns out…I can, in fact, make a mean eggplant. It has been fun looking up recipes to cook using the vegetables delivered….or even making recipes as you go! It has been the best. We even made “radish greens” for dinner one night. Deelish.

4. Supporting local businesses and farms- huge believer in supporting local businesses. enough said.

5. I love getting packages!  Totally nerd alert here- but who doesn’t love getting a package in the mail?? I look forward to every Thursday because I know I am getting a “package in the mail!” Then it is so fun to open it and look inside!

Here is one way to find a local co-op in the area….http://www.localharvest.org/

Hope you can find one and enjoy it as much as us!

Happy Friday!

Off to a wine and canvas class 🙂 I’m hoping wine will help me paint better…if nothing else, “wine eyes” will help my picture look better.  🙂 Cheers!

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