Patio Paradise

My posts were lacking this weekend…and I think I have a pretty good reason.

The hubs and I did the beginning stages of the patio. My in-laws came down this weekend and we were able to finish everything else yesterday and today!  Wow! What a journey!

Best workout ever? Manual labor….I dare you to build a patio for your next workout.

Below is a small snapshot of our patio in progress.

((Please ignore the house that is in desperate need of power washing. That will be done another weekend 🙂 ))

Digging up the grass.


Gravel being delivered!

A huge pile of gravel that unfortunately does not spread on its own. Pallets of pavers seen on right.

Nick did 99% of the gravel spreading on his own!

R2D2 plate tamper.

Spread sand and leveled.

Time to fit the puzzle pieces together.

Coming along nicely!

Adding polymeric sand to “cement” the pavers together.

Finished product! Unfortunately we have to wait 3 days to let it set- sigh….cheers to drinks on the patio on Wednesday! 🙂

a HUGE thanks to my in-laws and to my wonderful husband for all of their hard work. It was a very rewarding, but exhausting, weekend!

now that the patio is finished, there are some great upcoming posts on fermented vegetables and aluminum-free anti-perspirant….stay tuned!

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