“A Hint of Coffee” Pancake

“a hint of coffee” pancake

these pancakes are more closely related to a cake than a pancake, in my opinion.

..and that is why you need to go make them right this second.

rich, moist, and decadent.

a wonderful texture, with a hint of coffee flavor!

see recipe below.

the bubbles that are telling me this batter is ready for cooking!


this pancake is a future NBA player. look at that height!


holy delicious.


so i go a little crazy with my toppings, what’s the big deal? 🙂 blueberries, cacao powder, and greek yogurt.


ok…and a little maple syrup.






1 cup whole wheat pastry flour

½ tsp baking soda

1 tsp baking powder

½ cup of vanilla almond milk (unsweetened)

¼ cup of coffee (optional, sub ad additional 1/4 cup of milk or greek yogurt if leave out)

¼ cup greek yogurt

1 tbsp honey



Sift dry ingredients together. Mix wet ingredients in a separate, large bowl (just until they are blended- the less, the better). Add dry ingredients into wet ingredients. Again, mix as little as possible, just until blended. Let batter sit for about 5 minutes (until you see bubbles in the batter).  Pour batter onto a hot griddle (I used 1/4 cup measuring cup to scoop the perfect pancake size! ) Makes 6 medium pancakes.

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