Overnight Buckwheat Groat Parfait

Overnight Groat Parfait with granola, raspberries, blueberries, and pecans (or whatever else you’d like to add!)

The beauty of parfaits?

Possibly more flexible than Gabby Douglas.

Full of endless possibilities.


Groats? What in the world are groats? 

Groats are hulled seeds.

Yes, I agree. I think they could’ve come up with a name that was a little more appealing.

But despite the odd name, groats have a great nutty flavor and crunchy, yet chewy texture.  They do not get mushy like overnight rolled oats!

Specifically used in this recipe are Buckwheat groats. They are the hulled seeds of, well…buckwheat.  They are frequently made into flour and used for gluten-free products. They are not a wheat product. Buckwheat groats are actually a relative of rhubarb and dockweed.  Something different to try for your next meal! You can also make a porridge on the stove or roast them in granola!


beautiful aren’t they? naturally triangular in shape. great for practicing geometry in the morning.

Overnight Groat Recipe

1/2 cup groats

1/2 cup vanilla almond milk

1/4 cup vanilla greek yogurt

Place ingredients in a bowl, mix, and put in fridge overnight (morning after pictured below). Ready to mix and match anything your heart desires for a delicious, nutty, parfait!

When soaked overnight, the buckwheat groats absorb the liquid, firm up, and form a great base for any type of parfait you can imagine!


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