uRun to myTunes #1 (interval workout)

.uRun to myTunes.

.your new favorite interval training workout.

uRun to myTunes is the perfect solution to a quick calorie burn and aid to increase your running speed.

click here for your new workout buddy:

 uRun to myTunes #1

click here to read more about uRun to myTunes (introductory post)


  1. Print out the pdf document.
  2. Download the songs listed in the workout mix.
  3. Put the downloaded songs, on your iPod, in the correct order (Title playlist “uRun to myTunes #1“)
  4. Bring your iPod and printed uRun to myTunes #1 to the gym.
  5. Burn them cals, increase your speed, endurance, and overall fitness!
  6. Let me know how it goes! I would love feedback!

Remember, interval training workouts are fun and beneficial! The goal of this workout is to provide something different… a change in pace (literally!) to your everyday workout, a quick calorie burn, and awesome workout music!

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