uRun to myTunes Introduction

i don’t know about you, but i am very picky about my workouts…

during my gym visits, i prefer one of two things:

(1) bringing a regimented, planned workout


(2)  having someone else write a regimented workout for me  (i.e. taking a class).

If I don’t have one of the above, I end up having  a lackluster “meh” workout.

If you are similar to me, then I hope to make your life a little easier by posting different workouts for you to print and use!

(Disclaimer: I am not and don’t claim to be a personal trainer (not yet, at least!), nutritionist, or doctor. These are workouts I have developed on my own or learned through weight training and sports training. Always check with a physician before beginning a fitness plan. )


.meet my newly developed workout friend.

.uRun to myTunes.

your new favorite interval training workout.

curious enough to keep reading?

you know you want to.

What is uRun to myTunes? A program that I have developed which consists of a 20-30 minute interval training workout. I have hand selected each song based on the timing and [sprinting] motivation factor.

How does it work? Great question!  It’s all about the chorus! You will open and print the attached word document. That is what will be your guide in the gym.

Each workout will be represented by a group of arrows (see right for 2 separate examples). It looks confusing, but once you get the hang of it, it will be easier than basic math!

samples listed above and below

  • The arrow(s) signify the chorus, and ultimately, when your speed will change.
  • Start your workout at the speed listed in green.
  • Increase your speed to that listed in purple by the beginning of each chorus.  Don’t delay!
  • If there is no number to the right of the arrow, maintain the speed listed in purple until the next chorus.
  • If there is an orange speed between arrows, you’ve lucked out!
  • Slow down your run to the speed listed in orange until…you’ve guessed it…the next chorus.  Reference the next arrow.
  • The red number at the end is the speed in which you will transition to the next song.
  • That’s it!

Can I do uRun to myTunes outside? The interval workouts have (thus far) been developed specifically for the treadmill…they may be modified for outdoor workouts, without the accuracy. You will see why.

Do I have to use the speeds listed?  No! I will be eventually making a “generic” workout; based on a difficulty/number system. For now:

Advanced runners should use the speeds listed.

Intermediate runners should subtract ~1.0 mph from each speed listed.

Beginning runners should not be doing these workouts right away. I highly encourage you to slowly work-up to these;  email me if you would like a modification plan!

Do I have to print out the workout? I encourage you to print it out, fold it in half, and put it on the treadmill while you run. A travel size version is in the works.

Where is the workout? Whenever I make a new uRun to myTunes I will create a post that has a link to the workout.

How do I obtain the songs? To do the workout listed, you will have to already have or download the songs listed.

What does SJS  mean? Sprint, jog, sprint!

What does GI mean? Gradual Increase (of speed).

What does GD mean? Gradual Decrease (usually only seen in cool down).

Can I suggest songs to use for your next mix? Of course, please do!

Do I have to use the songs listed? Well, no. You don’t have to. But the whole workout was designed specifically based on the timing and the chorus of the song, so it would make the most sense to use the same songs.

I know that was a lot of information thrown at you. So here is a summary:

  1. Print out the pdf document.
  2. Download songs in the listed workout mix.
  3. Put the downloaded songs, on your iPod, in the correct order (Title playlist “uRun to myTunes #1“)
  4. Bring your iPod and printed uRun to myTunes #1 to the gym.
  5. Burn them cals, increase your speed, endurance, and overall fitness!
  6. Let me know how it goes! I would love feedback!

Remember, interval training workouts are fun and beneficial! The goal of this workout is to provide something different… a change in pace (literally!) to your everyday workout, a quick calorie burn, and awesome workout music!

…happy intervals!…

1st workout is written and will be posted asap! 


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