…why you should start interval training today…


i love it.

it has always been my running preference.



suicides at the end of practice?

i never argued.

my legs have had to go fast my entire life.

i grew up playing all the sports that required sprinting.

basketball. 100m. 4×1 relay. soccer. lacrosse.


 strong sprints and bursts of quick energy were necessary for success.


it is all i have known.

…so interval training?

a blast from the past.

one of my favorite type of workouts.

(stay tuned for specific interval workouts, designed by me)

what is interval training? 

a workout that alternates between sprinting, running, and jogging speeds.

why should i do an interval workout?  

lots of reasons!

  • shown to increase an athlete’s speed and endurance.
  • increases your body’s ability to deliver oxygen to your working muscles, which overall increases your efficiency.
  • when done correctly, it can reduce the risk of injury by overusing your muscles with the same workout, everyday.
  • speeds up metabolism
  • forces your body to go anaerobic and develop fast twitch muscles (aerobic exercises use slow twitch muscles- example, walking). for maximum results, your workouts should always include anaerobic and aerobic exercises.

how often should i do an interval training workout?

no more than 1-2 times per week.

can anyone do an interval training workout?

not right away.

interval training is an advanced running program.  if you have already been running, and are willing and ready to step-up to the next level, interval training is for you. if you are new to running, contact me via email and i can set you up with a great plan.

if you are older than the age of 40, have never exercised, are a smother, overweight, or have a chronic health condition, see a doctor before beginning any sort of workouts.

please read these interval safety tips, before beginning your workout (also found here).

  • Warm Up before starting intervals
  • Assess current conditioning and set training goals that are within your ability
  • Start slowly. (for example: walk 2 minutes/ run 2 minutes) In general, longer intervals provide better results
  • Keep a steady, but challenging pace throughout the interval
  • Build the number of repetitions over time
  • Bring your heart rate down to 100-110 bpm during the rest interval
  • To improve, increase intensity or duration, but not both at the same time
  • Make any changes slowly over a period of time
  • Train on a smooth, flat surface to ensure even effort
  • You can also use circuit training as a form of interval training

happy interval training!

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