Sweet Plantain Snack

my new obsession?

sweet plantains.

delicious enough to serve as a snack, side, or dessert!

…the only time a bruise is desired…

the worst thing about buying plantains is you can hardly ever find them already ripe.

they are usually green and firm (which is probably a good sign, as there is, hopefully, no added artificial dye to the skin like mr. orange).

if you find a yellow-blackish plantain in the store,  you should immediately go buy a lottery ticket. 🙂

if you have never had a sweet plantain….they have a similar texture and taste to a banana. sweet plantains have a more subtle sweetness, yet maintain the rich flavor and texture of a banana. they also maintain their shape and texture (unlike a cooked banana slice!) when cooked.

sauteed sweet plantains are so satisfying for dessert. so skip the ice cream, and try a sweet plantain! or….ok…. add plantains on top of your ice cream. 🙂

when you go to the store, pick out a few plantains (they will be green and firm)…and set them in your fruit bowl.

wait for them to slllloooowwwwllllyyy ripen.

when they (finally) begin to turn yellow, you know your special day is drawing near. (the darker the color, the sweeter the plantain.)

once they have reached a color similar to that pictured above (or darker!) you can finally celebrate and have a plantain extravaganza!


As many plantains as you desire

1-2 tsp olive oil


1. peel.

2. heat skillet on medium-high heat.

3.  cut. (for a crispier plantain experience, slice the plantains even thinner than pictured below)

4. Drizzle 1 tsp olive oil in the hot pan (more or less depending on pan size and amount of plantains- just enough for each plantain to touch a little bit of olive oil) and immediately add the slices of plantains (as seen in picture, below).

5. Drizzle 1/2 tsp of olive oil (more or less) on the tops of the cooking plantains. When the plantains have reached the desired crispness and color (approx 5 minutes…see below for color/crisp preference), flip them over for another 5 minutes, or so.

6. Serve immediately to experience your warm plantain heaven. Add greek yogurt, granola, or simply eat them plain!

again a light, refreshing snack, side, or dessert!

cheers and happy evolving.

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