uLift to myTunes Intro


.meet my other newly developed workout friend.

.uLift to myTunes.

a close friend of uRun to myTunes.

your new favorite lifting workout.

get ready to increase your metabolism, tone-up, and overall evolve into a healthier person.

What is uLift to myTunesA program that I have developed which consists of different lifting workouts matched to highly motivational music.

How does it work? Great question!  Select the workout of choice (slowly adding to my library) and download the listed songs prior to heading to the gym.  If you are unfamiliar with lifting exercises, make sure you read the “longer” directions. If you are familiar, simply print out the workout and head straight to the gym!

Where can the uLift to myTunes workouts be found? Whenever I make a new uLift to myTunes I will create a post that has a link to the pdf workout. Also, all archived workouts can be found in the “workout” page.

How do I obtain the songs listed? If you choose to use the songs listed, you will have to already have or download the songs.

Can I suggest songs to use for your next mix? Of course, please do!

Do I have to use the songs listed? Of course not. But they are awesome songs. So try a few out, and let me know what you think!

Can anyone start uLift to myTunes? Yes.  If you are a beginner, start with a low weight and gradually work your way up.

What is the most important thing to pay attention to during uLift to myTunesPlease, please, please practice proper form! Form will be explained for each workout!

How long are the uLift to myTunes workouts? They will range from a high intensity workout (20 minutes), to moderate intensity workouts (30-45 minutes).

Why type of equipment will I need? There will be a mixture of machines and free weights. You can modify machine exercise to use free weights. If it is not listed, shoot me an email and I will suggest a modification.


  1. Print out the pdf document of choice.
  2. Download songs in the listed workout mix.
  3. Put the downloaded songs, on your iPod, in the correct order (Title playlist 
  4. Bring your iPod and printed pdf uLift to myTunes #1 to the gym.
  5. Burn them cals and increase your muscle strength.

Remember, lifting programs are fun and imperative to a well balanced, healthy life!

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