Remember to Breathe (especially during workouts)

As I begin to post lifting workouts, I thought it would be important to discuss breathing techniques.  

As we all know, breathing is good.

Not breathing is bad.  

(Except for power-lifters. They do their own “non-breathing” thing.)  

So… it makes sense that breathing while lifting weights would also be important.

That may sound silly and obvious, but you would be surprised how many people hold their breath while lifting weights.  You may even catch yourself doing it next workout.

There are several different techniques and beliefs out there, so please feel free to use the method that works best for you.

Of course, just breathing naturally is better than nothing 🙂

The most common lifting breathing method is the one I will discuss below.    

Proper breathing technique:

Simplified: When the exercise is difficult (ex. during the pull/curl),  you want to exhale…this is the the exertion phase. When the exercise is easier (ex. during the release), you want to inhale through your nose.  

For more detail, keep reading…  

Concentric contraction=when the muscle shortens (contracts) and moves resistance (a bicep curl, a pull-up, etc.).

Eccentric contraction=when the muscle lengthens and resists movement (the “downward” part of the bicep curl, the release on a pull-up)

You want to inhale during the eccentric contraction (down).

You want to exhale during the concentric contraction (up).

It is ok to make a inhale or exhale breath in the gym. It will make you look like a serious lifter… 🙂


Each time you breathe, imagine sending the oxygen to the muscle that you are working.  

Breathing helps as it entertains your mind while lifting and also gives you an extra “boost.” 


Exhale when you Exert.

Inhale when you Release.


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