My Basal Evolution Evidence- Week #1 Label Awareness

To read more about the challenge, click here.

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An awareness, an evolution…. of these labels is so important.

Unfortunately it is SO difficult to find these in local stores. Fortunately, you can submit requests to your local grocery store. You can find the forms to print out here.

I found the following items at Whole Foods.

Certified Humane Label

Non-GMO Project Label

A difficult challenge. But I hope you not only experience an increase of label awareness, but also realized how important it is that we, the consumer, request these items to be placed in our stores. The freedom of choice should be made available to all people.  Otherwise, we will continue to buy only what is available.

Support the certified humane and Non-GMO project today. Send in a request to your grocery store.

or search here:

Cheers and happy evolving.

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