Green Peach Banana Smoothie

Huge fan of green smoothies these days. The perfect way to sneak in your veggies. I don’t have kids, but  if I did I know my kids would like this. 😉

They look a LOT weirder than they taste. The kale is hidden beautifully amongst  the peach and banana. You should try one today!


½  cup greek yogurt

3 cups frozen peaches

2 frozen bananas

(put bananas in peel in freezer when they have black spots. Cut open peel and pull open)

1 tbsp chia seeds

2 fistfuls of kale

1 cup almond milk

1 tsbp chia seeds (optional)


Throw everything into the blender, and blend! Enjoy a delicious, healthy smoothie! I know the kale may seem weird, but you can’t even taste it! A perfect way to sneak your veggies into a snack or your breakfast!


Cheers and happy evolving!

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