Basal Evolution Challenge Week #3

I’ve been MIA. Apologies.  Took an amazing “tech free” (made it a 4-day 🙂 Labor Day weekend with the hubs.

I’m back.   And so is the Basal Evolution Challenge!

Week #2 was also a huge success! Thanks for all the wonderful participation and support- it is awesome! I was going to take a picture of my hydrated pee from Challenge #2, but thought that might not be too appropriate. 🙂 I hope you have increased your water drinking and felt the difference this past week. One step closer to a health evolution…to making “practice” a lifestyle.

On to Week #3…

Part of the problem with our country today is the limited availability of fresh, organic, wholesome products. This isn’t the stores fault necessarily…in my opinion it is more the consumers fault.

In the end, it is all about profit. The stores will keep stocking the things that sell…regardless of the health of the consumer….and the consumers will keep buying things that taste good.

Sadly, when we walk into an American grocery store we are bombarded with processed foods, especially sugars.

When I walked into our local grocery store the other day (Whole Foods would be by store of choice, but it is an hour away) I slowed down and did a 360.

I took in everything around me. I also took some pictures.

I took pictures of every food aisle “end unit” in the store.  You will see a small glimpse below.

immediately as you walk in.
found as you check out.
another check-out line item. notice: 4 shelves of soda. 1 shelf of water. water is at the bottom (non-eye level).

note the flat screen TV.
“fruit juice.”
ok, these are delicious and ok to eat every now and then. but not ok to make a daily meal. 

I have a dream…..

…That stores that spend their money stocking QUALITY products instead of putting flat screen TVs in between soda cans.

…That the consumers in America were more educated on the impacts of the foods they are eating.

…That the consumers realize whole, organic, non-processed foods can taste MORE delicious than the processed stuff.

…That the consumers demand more options in grocery stores, nation wide.

Then, maybe, just maybe…ALL grocery stores (not just a select few) would look more like this:

And contain awesome products like these:

Basal Evolution Challenge Week #3

The challenge of the week is to “perimeter shop” in the grocery store.  Try it for one week. That is all I ask 🙂 

What does that mean?

Try to purchase products only found on the outside walls of the grocery store (except for essentials such as spices/flours/oatmeal).

If you must buy a product on the “inside” portion of the grocery store, try to keep the ingredient list to a minimum of 1-2 things (i.e. oatmeal’s ingredient list should read “rolled oats” and nothing else).

This means that all recipes for your meals this week must contain whole ingredients. No processed cereals. Nothing out of a box. No microwavable meals.

Try to buy items that don’t even HAVE an ingredient list (i.e. an apple doesn’t have any sort of list on it).

Here is an idea of recipes for one week of non-processed, whole food, meal ideas.

Next time you grocery shop, slow down and take a look at all the processed items that are shouting “pick me!” at you. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and walk by the Doritos. Pick up some apples and peanut butter instead….and begin to make a difference in the “food world.”

Every time you choose a whole, natural item over a processed item, you are supporting health and wellness for America.

After this week, if you are annoyed or unsatisfied at the perimeter, feel free to go back to your regular shopping! But it can’t hut to try 🙂

Take a look at the perimeter shots of the very same store. Note the difference.

remember your two options for your evolution challenge:

A is the easiest. Pick and choose as you go. B is the path to the prize.

A) Read the post and put the suggested practice into action! Pick the ones you want to use and ignore the ones you don’t!

If you would like to participate for the “final prize” you will need to start racking up the points through your use of…

“likes. shares. posts” 

B) 1.”like” (+1) the “Basal Challenge” of the week on facebook to encourage others to try it as well.

2. “share” (+1) the “Basal Challenge” of the week on facebook to encourage others to try it as well.

3. post a picture (+1)  and a  few words (+1) about your “challenge” experience (on facebook). For example, if the challenge was to “cook more vegetables for dinner this week,” a picture of your dinner plate that has “more vegetables” and a brief summary would count as +2! Individually, a picture or a few words is +1 a piece. You CAN post multiple pictures and/or descriptions during the week (i.e. one weekly challenge can earn you more than 4 points if you post multiple pictures for one challenge. Be sure to relate each picture to the challenge in some way).

If you don’t want to post on facebook, an email with a few words about the challenge (to will be fine and count (+1), as well!

Option B confirms that you participated in the challenge and helps spread the news to others.

The person that likedshared, and posted the most challenges…and ultimately has the most points… will win “the prize!”

Cheers and happy evolving (and perimeter shopping 🙂 )!


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