Basal Evolution Challenge Week #6

Week #6! A continued thanks to everyone’s awesome participation! Great work! Keep it up!

(FYI-I am picking up the prize from Whole Foods this week….taking longer than I thought to make it up there!)

Did you know that Americans eat 90 pounds of sugar a year?  That is an average of 28 teaspoons a day! We spend 23% of our grocery bill on processed sugars.

A great quote from this site….”The journal Circulation stated, “… excessive consumption of sugars has been linked with several metabolic abnormalities and adverse health conditions, as well as shortfalls of essential nutrients.” There has been strong scientific data linking excess sugar above these limits and increased risk of heart disease and diabetes (Malik VS, et al “Sugar-sweetened beverages and risk of metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes” Diabetes Care 2010; 33(11): 2477-2483). ”

The Basal Evolution Challenge for Week #6 is to become more aware of your sugar intake. Before you make a lifestyle switch or change, you must first become aware. How? Think about every food or drink you are about to eat in terms of teaspoons, cubes, or tablespoons of sugar! Imagine yourself eating 10 cubs of sugar next time you drink your Coke! Even if I get one thought out of you this week…that is a success!

…take a Grande Pumpkin Spiced Latte from Starbucks….there are 49g of sugar=12 tsps!


…or for a deeper challenge, try to consume no more than 6 tsps of sugar per day (100 calories or 24 grams for females and 36 grams for males).


Now, this isn’t to say you shouldn’t enjoy a Pumpkin Spiced Latte ….or cake…or ice cream…(because I certainly enjoy all of these things immensely)…but with everything in life….it is o.k. in moderation.

I challenge you to become more aware, perhaps give up a sugar laden food this week, replace your bottle of fruit juice, with a fresh fruit, or even keep your sugar intake below 6 tsps (which is very difficult! but I encourage you to try it for a day 🙂 )


Cheers and happy evolving!



remember your two options for your evolution challenge:

A is the easiest. Pick and choose as you go. B is the path to the prize.

A) Read the post and put the suggested practice into action! Pick the ones you want to use and ignore the ones you don’t!

If you would like to participate for the “final prize” you will need to start racking up the points through your use of…

“likes. shares. posts” 

B) 1.”like” (+1) the “Basal Challenge” of the week on facebook to encourage others to try it as well.

2. “share” (+1) the “Basal Challenge” of the week on facebook to encourage others to try it as well.

3. post a picture (+1)  and a  few words (+1) about your “challenge” experience (on facebook). For example, if the challenge was to “cook more vegetables for dinner this week,” a picture of your dinner plate that has “more vegetables” and a brief summary would count as +2! Individually, a picture or a few words is +1 a piece. You CAN post multiple pictures and/or descriptions during the week (i.e. one weekly challenge can earn you more than 4 points if you post multiple pictures for one challenge. Be sure to relate each picture to the challenge in some way).

If you don’t want to post on facebook, an email with a few words about the challenge (to will be fine and count (+1), as well!

Option B confirms that you participated in the challenge and helps spread the news to others.

The person that likedshared, and posted the most challenges…and ultimately has the most points… will win “the prize!”

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