Cinnamon Banana Cream

I am getting better every day (since my wisdom teeth removal last Thursday.  The worst part about the recovery is that I still can’t fully open my mouth.

So…I am avoiding large/wide foods. Salads are nearly impossible. So I’ve been drinking a lot of my fruits and veggies 🙂

That means bananas are very difficult to eat.

So I decided to make them edible….my style 🙂


1 frozen banana

1 tsp cinnamon


1 tbsp yogurt

1 tbsp almond milk


1. Allow your banana to get overly ripe.

2. Cut it up into chunks.

4. Place it in a bag to freeze.

5. Place the frozen banana and cinnamon (and yogurt and almond milk if you have a weak blender… like me…this helps to loosen up the frozen banana 🙂 )

6. Blend until smooth! It tastes JUST like ice cream. Delicious, cold, and creamy!

7. And my favorite part…banana chunks!!

Another great idea is to add 1 tbsp peanut butter, PB2, or cocoa powder!


The perfect, satisfying way to get your ice cream fix!!


Cheers and happy evolving!

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