Basal Evolution Challenge Week #9

Happy Monday! Week #9!  Hard to believe it! I hope you have been enjoying the challenges as much as I have! It is always great to hear all of your stories, as always…keep em coming!

Snacking in America is a major problem. It is so easy to grab an unhealthy, processed snack.  As you saw in the Basal Evolution Challenge #3, the majority of grocery stores have high calorie, low nutrient snacks readily available upon entrance and at every corner of the grocery store.

Forget to grab an unhealthy snack? Don’t worry, there are plenty available at the checkout line!

In a study that asks 5,000 people per week by YouGov Brand Index, the favorite snack brands amongst Americans are: Ritz, Lay’s, Doritos, Fritos, Orville Redenbacher, Wheat Thins, Tostitos, Cheetos, Pringles, and Triscuits.

Oh how I would love to see “baby carrots” or “apples” or “ants on a log” in there!

The problem with all of the previously listed snacks is that they are high calorie and low nutrient. When your body doesn’t recognize the ingredients you are putting into it (as what happens in highly processed snacks), it doesn’t “cure” your appetite.  So the Doritos or Oreos that you just consumed will only last you so long. Try eating a snack full of vitamins and nutrients, such as carrots and hummus. Or a salad with dried cranberries, blue cheese, and pecans. I guarantee you will be satisfied for a longer period of time.

“We know that high-calorie, low-nutrient snacks can contribute to weight gain and poor health,” said Katz. “Our hypothesis was that snack foods that are highly nutritious and filling could help control appetite, reduce consumption of other foods, and add nutrients to the diet without adding calories. That, apparently, is just what happened.”

So, I present to you this week’s challenge:

The Basal Evolution Challenge for week #9 is to turn all your snacks this week into a healthy snack.  Even better, eat a cookie for a snack one day and time how long it takes to feel hungry again. The next day eat carrots an hummus, or a side salad as mentioned above. Again, time how long it takes you to feel hungry. Pay close attention to your energy level and level of moodiness, tiredness, etc. 

You may eat unlimited amounts of fresh vegetables, and fresh fruit (or if you eat meat…a lean meat i.e. tuna). 

It also helps to either pack a snack to eat during the day or plan a snack time.  This helps to avoid eating for boredom or emotional reasons.

(Disclaimer: I still totally indulge in cookies/cupcakes/chips/crackers/candy corn every now and then.  Moderation is key. You have to allow yourself cheat days! Don’t totally deprive yourself of these snacks. More to come in next week’s challenge : ) )

Stay posted for a list of healthy snacks. 🙂



remember your two options for your evolution challenge:

A is the easiest. Pick and choose as you go. B is the path to the prize.

A) Read the post and put the suggested practice into action! Pick the ones you want to use and ignore the ones you don’t!

If you would like to participate for the “final prize” you will need to start racking up the points through your use of…

“likes. shares. posts” 

B) 1.”like” (+1) the “Basal Challenge” of the week on facebook to encourage others to try it as well.

2. “share” (+1) the “Basal Challenge” of the week on facebook to encourage others to try it as well.

3. post a picture (+1)  and a  few words (+1) about your “challenge” experience (on facebook). For example, if the challenge was to “cook more vegetables for dinner this week,” a picture of your dinner plate that has “more vegetables” and a brief summary would count as +2! Individually, a picture or a few words is +1 a piece. You CAN post multiple pictures and/or descriptions during the week (i.e. one weekly challenge can earn you more than 4 points if you post multiple pictures for one challenge. Be sure to relate each picture to the challenge in some way).

If you don’t want to post on facebook, an email with a few words about the challenge (to will be fine and count (+1), as well!

Option B confirms that you participated in the challenge and helps spread the news to others.

The person that likedshared, and posted the most challenges…and ultimately has the most points… will win “the prize!”

Cheers and happy evolving!

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