Easy Homemade Corn Tortillas

A simple and cheap way to always have homemade corn tortillas ready within 10 minutes!


Bag of Masa Harina



The back of the bag makes it very clear as to how much corn flour and water to use for desired amount of tortillas you will be making. In this case, I chose to make 8 tortillas, which turned out to be 5 large ones. The directions are SO simple.

1. Mix the corn flour (1 cup) with the specificed amount of water (2/3 cup).

2. Mix with hands for about 2 minutes.

3. Roll into balls.

4. Flatten with a tortilla press or use two plates (always remember to use saran wrap, it helps avoid sticking).

5. Cook on an ungreased hot pan for a few minutes on each side!

Enjoy tacos, chips, or even delicious quesadillas (recipe shown: Jalapeno Mushroom Quesadillas)!

Cheers and happy evolving!

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