Basal Evolution Challenge Week #12

Good evening everyone!
I recently was told of a website where you can find a whole  bunch of amazing resources-health related! Obsessed!! I literally could spend all day browsing.
“The power of information.” -EWG
As goes with the theme of my blog…people need to be informed of not only all of the choices that exist (whether it be for foods or household cleaners) in order to make an educated decision.  Bringing  a topic related to your health to light is one of the most important things we can do for our families and our selves. Once you are aware of topics/situations/circumstances/options, the power will then lie in your hands to make a decision….and ultimately, make a change.  This world revolves around money…products will keep on selling as long as they have customers to buy them. Customers will keep on purchasing them until they are aware of the repercussions, even then, this doesn’t stop some people.
The first, and most difficult step, is becoming informed. I hope that this challenge, this post, helps a little.
The challenge of the week is to become more conscious of the cleaning supplies/soaps/shampoos/deodorants/air fresheners/make-up etc. that you use and expose in your home.  Once you become conscious and aware, it is my hope that you will start buying some of the products listed below or on the EWG website.  So if you are already aware of the harmful chemicals we use in the house (or on our bodies!) everyday, then I challenge you to purchase an organic or “safe” produce listed below or on the EWG’s website. 
Check out the website and suggested product ideas listed below…beware, it is a little addicting! The information on the website ranges from food, water, chemical indexes, kid’s health, make-up, GMOs, energy choices, cleaners, sun screen, cell phone radiation, pesticides,  and the list goes on! Definitely worth taking a look at!
What is the EWG?
“a team of…. scientists, engineers, policy experts, lawyers and computer programmer who pore over government data, legal documents, scientific studies and their own laboratory tests to expose threats to your health and the environment, and to find solutions. Their research brings to light unsettling facts that you have a right to know.”
A recent news clip from their site:
Johnson & Johnson – makers of brands like Neutrogena, Aveeno, Clean & Clear, RoC and Lubriderm – announced that it will reformulate its products to remove dangerous chemicals like formaldehyde-releasers and triclosan. Johnson & Johnson is the first major personal care products manufacturer to take such an important action in favor of its customers’ safety.”

An interesting article about BabyGanics and carcinogens below:

here are a few safe household products…all the ones below received an “A”
Green Shield Organic Bathroom Cleaner
Green Shield Organic Glass Cleaner
Arm and Hammer Baking Soda
Green Shield Organic Biodegradable Surface
Whold Foods Market green Mission surface cleaning
Green Shield Organic Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Seventh Generation Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Seventh Generation Automatic Dishwasher
Green Shield Organic Squeeze Automatic
Seventh Generation Automatic Dishwasher
Better Life Dish it Out Natural Dish Liquid
 More can be found here:

Remember your two options for your evolution challenge:

A is the easiest. Pick and choose as you go. B is the path to the prize.

A) Read the post and put the suggested practice into action! Pick the ones you want to use and ignore the ones you don’t!

If you would like to participate for the “final prize” you will need to start racking up the points through your use of…

“likes. shares. posts” 

B) 1.”like” (+1) the “Basal Challenge” of the week on facebook to encourage others to try it as well.

2. “share” (+1) the “Basal Challenge” of the week on facebook to encourage others to try it as well.

3. post a picture (+1)  and a  few words (+1) about your “challenge” experience (on facebook). For example, if the challenge was to “cook more vegetables for dinner this week,” a picture of your dinner plate that has “more vegetables” and a brief summary would count as +2! Individually, a picture or a few words is +1 a piece. You CAN post multiple pictures and/or descriptions during the week (i.e. one weekly challenge can earn you more than 4 points if you post multiple pictures for one challenge. Be sure to relate each picture to the challenge in some way).

If you don’t want to post on facebook, an email with a few words about the challenge (to will be fine and count (+1), as well!

Option B confirms that you participated in the challenge and helps spread the news to others.

The person that likedshared, and posted the most challenges…and ultimately has the most points… will win “the prize!”

Cheers and happy evolving!



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