Frozen Yogurt Drops

happy weekend everyone!


I am soaking up quality time with the hubs, along with the sounds, sights, fresh air, and beautiful sunsets of the good ol’ Tennessee mountains this weekend!

While doing so, I received a text message this evening from Abbey- my brother’s girlfriend and a great friend of mine-the message included an amazing recipe and idea that she created.

yogurt drops.

uh….yes please!

I’m obsessed with all these frozen yogurt chains that are popping up around the country…so a fun, inexpensive, and easy snack like these yogurt drops sounded AMAZING.

(this post is kind of ironic when you see my next post 🙂 )


1 cup (or more!) of yogurt of choice (vanilla pictured here)


1. Place 1 cup of yogurt in a ziploc baggie. Cut a small hole in the corner. Drop desired sized dollops onto any flat surface (optional for easier cleaning: covered with wax paper). Place into freezer.


2. The yogurt drops pop right off! Enjoy right away or place them into a storage container and cover for readily available, healthy snacking!




have fun experimenting with different yogurt flavors for these bite-sized pieces of pure joy!


cheers and happy evolving!

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