Sweet Sunrise Mash- Guest Post

Deborah, a dear family friend, (sent a previous delicious rice recipe post) and I love exchanging recipes and talking health/nutrition/disease prevention.  Deborah is an amazingly strong, talented, hilarious woman, beautiful inside and out, and breast cancer survivor. In 1995 she had a single mastectomy and in 1997 had to have her second breast removed.  Later in 1997 her daughter was diagnosed with lymphocytic leukemia. Wow. What a journey. Today, they are both healthy and doing great.   Their journey, struggle, and amazing recovery  story can be found on People online here. *Be sure to have tissues on hand*

Nevertheless, Deborah has beaten cancer and has become aware of the importance of life style changes (concerning food/chemicals/organic products/stress/etc). She has stuck her nose in countless books/research articles/real life stories to prevent the return of cancer.


A little bit about her occupation:

“After graduating from Georgetown University Nursing School, Deborah spent the next 24 years of her career practicing in various critical care specialties as clinician, educator, and manager. A breast cancer diagnosis catalyzed a career move into oncology where in 1999 Deborah helped define and grow the breast care program at Inova Fairfax Hospital as the Breast Care Program Coordinator. Her passion has led to speaking in the community on her oncology nursing knowledge and survivorship. In 2007, Deborah expanded her role as oncology patient educator to include all cancer diagnoses; co-facilitating support groups, meeting with both in and out patients to discuss their diagnosis, treatment plan, management of side effects, survivorship plans, and resources. She has developed and grown Life with Cancer education programs at Inova Loudoun and Fair Oaks Hospitals and in the surrounding communities. Deborah is a member of the Oncology Nursing Society and co-founder of the National Coalition of Oncology Nurse Navigators. Since 1999, Deborah has been active in her church as Area Lay Pastor for Healing and Prayer, leader of medical missions to Uganda and a member of the Spiritual Council.”

With all this said, I am honored to be able to learn and talk to Deborah. I am even more honored that she sends me new recipes she has created! I made the recipe for breakfast this morning and absolutely loved it! I took the pics and added them to her post/recipe. The writing/recipe below is Deborah’s Masterpiece. Enjoy 🙂

Sweet Sunrise Mash


This recipe came to me as I looked into my frig this morning and saw a bag of beautiful yams.  I just bought them the other day.  They’re in season and the color of their sweet, deep orange flesh was calling me.  I turned to the right and saw three bananas breaking my heart as they were starting to let go of their golden youth freshness. After all, it is autumn and many things are prompted to let go of what was and prepare for the new and these lovely bananas were a perfect fit for my seasonal desire to let go and try something new. This mixed with my morning hunger, a taste for eggs, a persistent interest in eating healthier and an adventurously creative spirit, Sweet Sunrise Mash came to be.  This little creation is influenced by my exposure to a college girlfriend from the Ivory Coast of Africa and my new awareness of healing Ayer Vedic spices. Enjoy!  I did!

Ingredients for two servings (* = see note below):

1 tsp coconut or olive oil – enough to coat the bottom of the pan (I used organic coconut oil)

1 organic yam*

1 ripe banana

1/4 – 1/3 cup organic low-fat milk (goat, cow, rice, soy – I used goat – easier on the lactose


1 Tbsp organic flaked coconut (this is optional, but I love coconut and this little amt adds nice

chew to the dish)

1/4 cup of spice tea* (optional if you add more of the spices noted below)

1/2 tsp turmeric

1 tsp Sweet Spice Blend or 2 dashes of the following ground spices (or more to taste):

Cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves

6 heaping tsps organic plain low or no fat Greek yogurt

Black pepper

*Try to always buy all organic potatoes if you can.  These are root veggies that absorb all and every chemical placed in and on the soil or on the plants themselves to make them grow bigger and faster and disease free only to make us grow not so well, move slower and over time not be so healthy.

*Spice Tea – this is not my recipe but one shared with me by my yoga instructor who is learning, as am I, about the immune boosting benefits of certain spices used in Ayerveda wellness practices.  Surprisingly, it’s soooo simple and needs no sugar.  Really!  This from someone who fights a sweet tooth fixation!  In a small saucepot, boil 4 cups of water.  Add

2 tsp coriander seeds, 2 tsp cumin seeds, 2 tsp fennel seeds

You can add them right into the pot and strain later or use a large tea leaf ball.  Let low boil for 15 minutes and promptly remove the seeds with a strainer. It keeps for days in a thermos. As I said, lovely, soothing, and sweet enough from the fennel as a warm tea without sugar.  Try it!  Now, I added this tea to the Sweet Sunset Mask because it had these ‘sweet’ spices in it and I needed a little more moisture to the recipe. Why not, right? You could always add more milk or water instead if needed.


Bake the yam at 350 degrees in the oven or wrap in foil and grill for 30 – 45 minutes. Now, if you think this is going to take toooo long, I suggest you throw that yam on the grill or in the oven and let it cook while you are having your first cup of organic free trade coffee or tea and spend some time in quiet as a beautiful calming entry into your day.  This is my time for meditation, watching the sun rise and feeding the cats! (Please avoid microwaving.  It changes the molecular structure of your food so that you are not getting the nutrition as nature provided.  The world of science is not quite sure how these molecular changes manifest themselves in the human body over time.  I personally never cook or heat anything up in the microwave.  Good for heating water and my herbal neck pack for muscle aches!)

In a 1 quart saucepan, heat the oil on medium heat.  Squeeze the orange potato flesh out of the skins (fun!) into the pan. (you can nibble on those vitamin rich skins while cooking, add them to your compost or give them to the dog!) IMG_8062

Add the ripe banana and begin stirring with a small whisk so nothing sticks.


As you begin to make a mash, add a little milk and the coconut.  Continue stirring.


Add the spices and tea if you have it.  Add more milk to make the consistency you like. IMG_8166

Your done!  Now, the breakfast I made looked like this – two ‘easy over’ eggs steamed with the lid on in a small fry pan, I slice of Ezekiel grain bread toasted, half of the mash and on the side of the mash was 3 heaping tsp of the yogurt with generous shaking of black pepper.  For those of you who like a little zip in your food, the mash is really awesome with a few shakes of your favorite cayenne hot sauce.  Yogurt is used in many cultures around the world as a cooling effect for the palette when eating peppered hot foods.  Yum!


*Basal Evolution additions- pecans on top of the mash and avocado on top of the egg!*



You have just started your day with some peace and quiet, creative cooking, and a nutritional arsenal to meet the day.  There are many professional articles noting the evidence based data from clinical trials on the profoundly beneficial impact of turmeric on our immune system.  The yogurt is adding intestinal wellbeing through probiotics. You have eaten a veggie, a fruit with all of the vitamins they provide and taken in about 12 gms protein (add 4 gms of protein for each egg) in this entire meal.  Make extra and reheat leftovers! Enjoy and have a great day!

Deborah Cook    11-3-2012

Hope you enjoy! Thanks Deborah!

Cheers and happy evolving!

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