Easy Blackberry and Apple Salad


Sometimes it isn’t always desirable to make a salad for dinner. They are typically thought of as tasting the same or just plain boring.

Tonight that will change. This salad will rock your salad world.

At least it did mine! The best party is that it is SO simple.

My brother and mom each created a salad that I enjoyed, so I decided to blend the two together and create this recipe.


Ingredients (for two salads):

Mixed greens

1 apple, diced

1 package of blackberries, washed

Walnuts (optional topping)

Goat cheese (optional topping)

Balsamic Vinegar for a dressing


1. Mix everything together in a large bowl, or individual bowls. Sprinkle with balsamic vinegar (I use about 2 tsp per salad).


this salad is delicious and so fresh tasting with the bursts of blackberries and crispy apple pieces!

cheers and happy evolving!

One thought on “Easy Blackberry and Apple Salad

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