Scary Chemicals Pop-Up in Microwave Popcorn and Other Household Items

Did you know microwave popcorn bags are not just coated with yummy salt and butter? Throw in some PFCs and you’ve got yourself a meal!

PFCs are perfluorochemicals. These are a scary group of chemicals linked to numerous cancers and reproductive system damage.

They are added to help the popcorn not stick to the bag. Unfortunately, popcorn companies don’t always label whether or not PFCs are used, as they usually buy the bags from an outside source.

The labeling of PFCs in popcorn could definitely be requested with enough consumer support.

Unfortunately, there are PFCs popping up in other substances as well. Another form of PFC, PFOA, is found in Teflon products, fast food wrappers, pizza boxes, even some shampoos, dental flosses, and denture cleaners.

PFOS (yet another form of PFC) is/was used for furniture, carpets, 3M scotch guard, and clothing.

In 2002, 3M stopped using PFCs.

How can you avoid PFCs?

1. If you still want to use your microwave to make popcorn….throw in some popcorn kernels into a brown paper lunch bag. Fold it over a few times and stop the microwave when the popping slows down.


2. my personal favorite, the stove-top method found here.

3. Stay away from stain-resistant furniture and carpet treatments. Even though PFCs are being phased out, if your furniture was purchased before 2002, you may still be in contact. PFCs may also be found in water or stain resistant outer gear.

4. Avoid Teflon products. If still using, don’t allow them to get above 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

5. Be especially aware of PFCs while pregnant.  This chemical has been known to affect development.


Check out more information and other facts about this issue in the websites below…


2 thoughts on “Scary Chemicals Pop-Up in Microwave Popcorn and Other Household Items

  1. Amy, I still have our old air popper and use it often now that I too questioned the microwave popcorn contents. Thanks.

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