Open Face Tomato, Jalapeno, and Gouda Sandwich


When my brother and I were little, my mom would always make us open face tomato sandwiches for an after school snack, or a quick and easy dinner.

They definitely take me back to wonderful family memories, sitting around the dinner table, laughing, and talking about our days at school.

After traveling last weekend, I came home to a house with a hungry belly. I was craving something quick, yet delicious.

I opened the fridge and spied some bread, tomatoes, and cheese…..instant childhood flashback.

But I wanted a little more jazz… begins the life of the OFTJGS.

This open face is a little more “grown-up” if you will… with the Gouda, basil, and jalapeno.  I had an avocado to serve up as well, but it wasn’t ripe yet. 😦 An avocado would definitely be an added bonus and highly recommended.

If you aren’t feeling like a “grown-up” ….free to keep it simple and retro it back to the simple days of my childhood with just regular cheddar cheese and tomato!


Slice of bread (prefer sprouted)

Slice of tomato

Fresh jalapeno, sliced

Cheese (I used Gouda, but any cheese would be delicious)

Fresh Basil


1. Pretty simple and self explanatory here!



2. Bake at 350 degrees for 5-7 minutes, then broil for 2-3 minutes, or until cheese is golden brown!


3. Top with fresh basil.



I adore you, Mr. Open Face TJGS.

Cheers and happy evolving.

2 thoughts on “Open Face Tomato, Jalapeno, and Gouda Sandwich

  1. That brother of yours made this the other day (probably more like a month ago, but same-same)! He did the simple retro version & I thought it was strange & adorable!!! This post made me smile.

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