berry & banana muffins


these muffins are definitely not “diet” muffins with the amount of butter and sugar involved. but that only means they are nothing short of delicious. so moist and decadent, containing berry bursts or bananas with each bite.

in fact, recent studies are saying that “low-fat” diets are not helping people lose weight. depriving your body of natural fats only drives you to eat more (and it is usually in the form of sugar/processed carbs).

….you can even put them in your “fourth of july” recipe section. red, white, and blue…right? 😉

so give these guys a spin 🙂  they are rich and delicious, you will be completely satisfied after eating one!

moderation is the key to everything!

enjoy the perfect addition to your breakfast or midday snack!

berry and banana muffins recipe

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