[Taste the Rainbow] Spinach Salad

among all this heat, summer also brings some positives… no school and fresh, sweet, & best of all…LOCAL fruit!

i was in need of a salad to go with a main dish one night….and it was up against some pretty steep competition (the manicotti recipe), so i took a deep breath, gave it my best, and came up with something that included every [edible] plant item i had in the kitchen.

after taking a step back, i observed an explosion of the leprechaun variety. little did i know, i created ROYGBIV on a plate!

i was quite [ok, overly] joyful and pleased (obviously, it doesn’t take much for me).

so here it is.

a delicious, refreshing summer salad. way better than skittles. and we honest to goodness didn’t even need dressing!


summer salad

1. Throw a bed of greens down and top with all of the heavenly ingredients!




cheers and happy evolving!


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