About Amy




 There cannot be change without growth, nor growth without change.

It is a beautiful (yet sometimes painful) process.

Join me on my basal evolution to learn how to truly grow in life’s fundamentals and ultimately change and nourish our bodies.

First, a little bit about me…

 I love learning.  I’m addicted to it.

Whenever I was sick in elementary, middle, and high school (ok, maybe college too), I would cry whenever I had to miss a  day of school.

I loved it so much, I decided to turn it into my job…I am currently a high school biology teacher in North Carolina, loving biology and loving the students.

When I am done for the school day, my day is filled with a good workout, followed by constant food/product research, natural health remedies, time outside, delicious recipes, and ‘whole food’ concepts.

All of the ingredients I use in the recipes are whole, natural, identifiable, and organic (as much as possible, at least).

I believe all meals need to have way more fruits and vegetables and way less sugars and processed foods.

I have gotten 110% rid of any fake sweeteners.

I believe a lot of the crap getting thrown into our foods is increasing cancer risks, obesity, disease, and many other health problems. The foods we put into our body have great potential to prevent and even reverse disease.

I believe doctors should consider writing a new diet for the sick, before writing a prescription.

I also believe we need to spend more time outside with nature, and less time inside with video games/TV/technology. The natural world is so incredible and can truly nourish (way more than we can imagine) our mental/emotional/physical beings.

…So here begins my journey into the blogging world…a journey that will reflect my fundamental growth of all things health related.

I invite you to journey with me… on my Basal Evolution.

Continue reading to find out a little bit more about the other loves in my life…

My family. My heart and soul…keeps me rich in more ways than money could every buy.

I’ve grown more and more in love with my husband, every day.  Our love is truly the greatest blessing in my life. My best friend.  5 years later, and crazier about him than I ever was. I truly believe that our love and respect for each other plays a HUGE role in our health and happiness.


My Mom, Dad, brother, and his girlfriend, are also among my closest of friends. We are an abnormally close family- and I love every part of it.  I am also very fortunate to have amazing in-laws.

left to right…husband, me, gram, brother, mom, dad
Mom, Dad, Bro, DIL, MIL, Me, Nick (missing BIL- Kevin and Dave’s gf- Abbey). 

I believe animals are healing to the soul 🙂 Here is our furry & incredibly fluffy child, Bernoulli.

as a kitty 🙂
a grown man 🙂
a natural model.
always willing to make us smile.
warning: aside from recipes, you will also see pictures of these loves throughout my blog/facebook postings.

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