How Olive Oil and Food Fraud are Related…

“This [generic supermarket olive oil] is what nearly everyone in the world thinks is extra virgin olive oil! This stuff is killing quality oil, and putting honest oil-makers out of business.  In wine, you can trust the label: if it … Continue reading

Protein 101

For starters, lets take it back to high school biology class 🙂 (note: if you don’t like reading the details, scroll down to the “summary” at the very bottom! 🙂 ) Humans are heterotrophs (hetero= different; troph= referring to nutrients) … Continue reading

My .02 on Dairy

As you all know, I have really been digging all sorts of health/nutrition topics. One that I had come across a long time ago was the many different view points/thoughts on the consumption of dairy products. My first thoughts were “Dairy? … Continue reading

The Basil Secret

I love fresh herbs. I buy them all the time. Unfortunately, the fresh, organic herbs, die the quickest! Ok, maybe it isn’t too much of a secret to you. But it was to me! After buying basil multiple times and … Continue reading