Cajun Halibut

Apparently I am on a seafood kick. Along with the shrimp I picked up yesterday, I grabbed a frozen halibut. I’m not usually one to jump on frozen fish, but this halibut looked delicious, even in the package! And it … Continue reading

Blackened Sea Bass

    Nick and I love a good sea bass (unless you are starring in Dumb and Dumber)… We are actually obsessed.  Experimenting with different spices is always fun….we looked this one up online here and really enjoyed it! If … Continue reading

Bacon and Black Bean Tomato Soup

Totally threw things into a pot, crossed my fingers and hoped for the best for this recipe. Sometimes those recipes work out, sometimes….they don’t. At least the squirrels get fed when that happens 🙂 Luckily, this recipe turned out amazing! … Continue reading

White Bean Dip with Cilantro

Last night was “appetizer night” with the girls….I have been swamped with work recently….so I needed something that I could make with the items in my pantry….something simple, quick, easily transportable, yet still healthy.  After perusing my pantry….I first thought … Continue reading

Stuffed Peppers (vegetarian style)

(YAY! The days are starting to get longer!! The lighting at night time kills me! I’m ready to have my natural lighting back at dinner time!) I digress…. I had yet to purchase a poblano pepper before this recipe. I … Continue reading