Chicken & Cilantro Rice Burrito Bowl

Another repeat recipe, but one of our favorites! This recipe is so easy and pretty cheap to make! Updating to the new formatting but it is always good to give you a *refresher* idea for tonight’s dinner. 🙂 (This can … Continue reading

Dad’s Famous BBQ Chicken |secret revealed|

The perfect 4th of July meal! This is a repeat recipe- previously posted here. However, I am slowly converting my recipes over to the new format. If you have already seen this recipe, consider it a great refresher!  This is … Continue reading

Basil Couscous Stuffed Portobellos

Sometimes the best meals are those that don’t have a recipe at all. Sometimes, that isn’t the case 🙂 Last night, I lucked out. I had a craving for something light, yet full of flavor.  Filling, yet not too heavy. … Continue reading

Easy Blackberry and Apple Salad

Sometimes it isn’t always desirable to make a salad for dinner. They are typically thought of as tasting the same or just plain boring. Tonight that will change. This salad will rock your salad world. At least it did mine! The best … Continue reading