How Olive Oil and Food Fraud are Related…

“This [generic supermarket olive oil] is what nearly everyone in the world thinks is extra virgin olive oil! This stuff is killing quality oil, and putting honest oil-makers out of business.  In wine, you can trust the label: if it … Continue reading

Scary Chemicals Pop-Up in Microwave Popcorn and Other Household Items

Did you know microwave popcorn bags are not just coated with yummy salt and butter? Throw in some PFCs and you’ve got yourself a meal! PFCs are perfluorochemicals. These are a scary group of chemicals linked to numerous cancers and reproductive … Continue reading

Protein 101

For starters, lets take it back to high school biology class 🙂 (note: if you don’t like reading the details, scroll down to the “summary” at the very bottom! 🙂 ) Humans are heterotrophs (hetero= different; troph= referring to nutrients) … Continue reading

Stuffed Peppers (vegetarian style)

(YAY! The days are starting to get longer!! The lighting at night time kills me! I’m ready to have my natural lighting back at dinner time!) I digress…. I had yet to purchase a poblano pepper before this recipe. I … Continue reading