The Basil Secret

I love fresh herbs. I buy them all the time. Unfortunately, the fresh, organic herbs, die the quickest! Ok, maybe it isn’t too much of a secret to you. But it was to me! After buying basil multiple times and … Continue reading

A Veggie Filled Spaghetti with Homemade Sauce (you’ll never buy a jar of sauce again)

I am less than 1% Italian… But I can make a bitchin’ pasta sauce. Bonus points? Sub a veggie for your pasta noodles. Before beginning any sort of Italian cooking…. Pour yourself a big glass of red. Ok, now we … Continue reading

Caprese Wheat Berry Salad

love for caprese salads + love for wheat berries= lovely caprese wheat berry salad Look out macaroni and pasta noodles, wheat berries are coming through! Delicious warm or cold, with 6g of protein per serving, add anything your heart desires to … Continue reading