Delicious Spinach & Mushroom Manicotti

holy yum. i adore this recipe. you will too. (thanks to the manicotti box for getting me started on this recipe). a few more steps then i like, but totally worth it. Ingredients: **(you will also need a pasta sauce … Continue reading

Red Curry and Coconut Clams

This was my first clam recipe. And I freakin nailed it (patting myself on the back). If the clams weren’t on sale at Harris Teeter, I may not have ventured into the unknown.  So shout out to H.T. for their … Continue reading

Grilled Garlic Butter Sea bass

Sea bass is by far Nick  and I’s favorite meals to cook.   This amazing recipe was created by the hubs! So easy and full of flavor, while still letting the sea bass shine.  It literally will MELT IN YOUR MOUTH! Ingredients:  … Continue reading

Chunky Guacamole

The perfect Superbowl food…. Nachos! And whom is a Nachos best friend? Guacamole, of course. This is Nick and I’s recipe…simple, small ingredient list, but bursting with flavor. It is amazing. Every flavor shines yet compliments each other, all at once. This … Continue reading

White Bean Dip with Cilantro

Last night was “appetizer night” with the girls….I have been swamped with work recently….so I needed something that I could make with the items in my pantry….something simple, quick, easily transportable, yet still healthy.  After perusing my pantry….I first thought … Continue reading