uRun to myTunes #1 (interval workout)

.uRun to myTunes. .your new favorite interval training workout. uRun to myTunes is the perfect solution to a quick calorie burn and aid to increase your running speed. click here for your new workout buddy:  uRun to myTunes #1 click here to … Continue reading

uRun to myTunes Introduction

i don’t know about you, but i am very picky about my workouts… during my gym visits, i prefer one of two things: (1) bringing a regimented, planned workout or… (2)  having someone else write a regimented workout for me … Continue reading

…why you should start interval training today…

sprinting. i love it. it has always been my running preference. strange? .perhaps. suicides at the end of practice? i never argued. my legs have had to go fast my entire life. i grew up playing all the sports that … Continue reading