homemade naan

I love Aarti Sequeira’s show on Food network. So when I stumbled upon her naan recipe (one of Nick and I’s favorite things to eat), I was eager to try it! I exchanged 1 cup of reg flour for 1 … Continue reading

Fantastic Fig Bread

Nick and I travel to Ocracoke Island often- in the summertime, the island is bursting at the seams with their amazingly delicious fig cake. It was love at first bite. Blows fig newtons out of the water (duh!) So, the … Continue reading

Roasted Sweet Potato and Orange Salad

I love sweet potatoes. Love them! I was craving a salad and a sweet potato this evening… so I looked up some recipes that could blend my cravings. I found this one, gave it a shot, and loved it! The oranges/clementines … Continue reading