Deeper Evolution

There are so many toxins that “sneak in” to our lives without realizing.

The previous posts listed below discuss important bits of knowledge that I have researched and learned.

I read and then write about them to bring you along for the ride… and hopefully live a deeper, more complete, natural, whole, and organic life.

I hope to enlighten you through my own journey, discovery, and ultimate basal evolution.

How Olive Oil and Food Fraud Are Related

Think Twice Before Eating Pre-Packaged Microwave Popcorn

Food That Can Be Grown From Scraps!

My .02 on Dairy

Why You Should Be BPA Free

The Basil Secret

Supplement Brand Ideas

The Cilantro Secret

Arsenic Found in Rice

Benefits of Grass-Fed and Pasture Raised Meat

Salt for Thoughts

Bean Soaking

Ingenuity at it’s finest. 

The Organic Debate and the Dirty Dozen

Nutrition and Epigenetics-The Foods You Eat Could be Affecting Your Genome (a changing genome)

The Benefits of Okra

Vitamin N & Nature Deficit Disorder

Inspirational Quotes

The Truth About Omega-6s

Dr. Seuss Quote

Artificial Dyes in Foods

Understanding the “nitrite and nitrate free” Label…Is it necessary?

Steps you can take to ensure your meat was treated humanely

10 Things You Can Do to Change Our Food System

Food, Inc. Trailer- a must see video

A helpful guide to understand the labels on your eggs

Butternut Squash Benefits

Kashi on its way to 100% non-GMO

The Dirt on Antibacterial Soaps

Homemade Deodorant Recipe (only 4 ingredients!)

Aluminum and Antiperspirant Debate 

Local Co-op Veggie Deliveries

Take action on GM foods

GMO Foods-Do you REALLY know what you are eating?

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